Friday, 23 September 2011

Jersey Shore: No one’s sitting easy, the buffoonery continues!

Jersey Shore, the land of chaos, the land of physical heat, erupting passions, backbiting and difference-diffusion is going to get all-heated-up once again.

Anyway, before talking about the upcoming installment, let’s meet Mr. Recap.

The last one was very aptly titled ‘Meatball Mashup’ because it was all about a lot of skin show by Deena and smoking hot scenes courtesy Deena (again) and Snooki.

 The episode began when Snooki gave Jionni a call and they talked all nonsense and played the blame game.
Then, they all hit the beach and had a great time, especially the girls who were seen drinking out their wits.

Snooki and Deena were all set to dance like crazy in a dance club. The other housemates had reserved a table in a restaurant for dinner and they were furious when Snooki and Deena came late.
jersey shore season 4 episode 8

Sammi and other housemates were worried about their night because of Snooki and Deena; they didn’t want to clean the mess created by two all night.

But that was not all; more trouble awaited them when Snooki was cautioned by the Police for driving without license.

Gosh! One hell of an installment! I am dying to watch the new one.

So now, what’s in store for fans in Jersey Shore season 4 episode 8? Snooki and Jionni are having a rough time and Mike wants to use this opportunity to his advantage; a possible love triangle; and somebody is going to get a baby bump. Who is that? Deena?
29th September, 2011 is the day when we will find out.

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