Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Snooki Is Trapped By Three Men- Jersey Shore Is On Alert Mode!

Jersey Shore season 4 episode 9
Can you ever imagine Snooki in a catch 22 situation?

Well, I simply cannot because she is the one who creates trouble for others with her smart strategies.

But if we take a look at the title of the upcoming segment, then we will observe that Snooki is not at all safe. I know it is difficult for all of you to believe, but let me tell you, she is going to face the biggest challenge of her life.

Good luck girl!

Without further delay, let’s check out the Snooki’s trouble!

Like always, Snooki will fight with Jionni, but this doesn’t end here! This will turn into such a heated encounter that they will decide to get rid of their relationship.

On the other hand, the person who has been dying to be the partner of Snooki will come forward to propose her. But the girl is so smart that she will not allow Mike to come in her life. Perhaps, this time she is in a mood to go with a guy, who can fulfill her all nearly impossible demands. But let me beware you Snooki, if it continues like this, then you will be in a fussy condition!

Being a part of Jersey Shore, it is really difficult to remain untouched by the hulking hunks, their tattoos adorned biceps and their seductive techniques.  We all can understand Snooki!

Pretence, boldness and obnoxious language are life and soul of this all spiced-up reality series!

If you want to catch some enthralling battles and steamy moments, then don’t forget to catch Jersey Shore season 4 episode 9!

Before taking leave from you, I also want to disclose that Deena is very much scared of pregnancy, and may be, she will do away with this phobia in future!

Nothing can be predicted precisely anything about a reality show! So, you should wait and watch to catch what happens next!

Friday, 23 September 2011

Jersey Shore: No one’s sitting easy, the buffoonery continues!

Jersey Shore, the land of chaos, the land of physical heat, erupting passions, backbiting and difference-diffusion is going to get all-heated-up once again.

Anyway, before talking about the upcoming installment, let’s meet Mr. Recap.

The last one was very aptly titled ‘Meatball Mashup’ because it was all about a lot of skin show by Deena and smoking hot scenes courtesy Deena (again) and Snooki.

 The episode began when Snooki gave Jionni a call and they talked all nonsense and played the blame game.
Then, they all hit the beach and had a great time, especially the girls who were seen drinking out their wits.

Snooki and Deena were all set to dance like crazy in a dance club. The other housemates had reserved a table in a restaurant for dinner and they were furious when Snooki and Deena came late.
jersey shore season 4 episode 8

Sammi and other housemates were worried about their night because of Snooki and Deena; they didn’t want to clean the mess created by two all night.

But that was not all; more trouble awaited them when Snooki was cautioned by the Police for driving without license.

Gosh! One hell of an installment! I am dying to watch the new one.

So now, what’s in store for fans in Jersey Shore season 4 episode 8? Snooki and Jionni are having a rough time and Mike wants to use this opportunity to his advantage; a possible love triangle; and somebody is going to get a baby bump. Who is that? Deena?
29th September, 2011 is the day when we will find out.

Thursday, 21 July 2011

Jersey Shore Enters The Corridors of University of Chicago!

And you thought it had nothing to teach!

Frankly, even I never thought that Jersey Shore would make its way to a University classroom, even though it boasted about American ‘changed’ society and all that. Every time I looked around myself, I’d find something that would support Jersey Shore.

There were books, DVDs, cosmetics, and other products that suggested a promotion, a sale, and they all used Jersey Shore as bait. The products are still there, going strong and making their way into every household, replacing old ones, because all of a sudden, the old ones aren’t good anymore.

Or maybe, the new version is simply more hip and trendy.

And all this while, it became a certainty that Jersey Shore episodes would make for a great learning session. The entire ‘culture thing’ that it seems to have so well adapted itself to, would find plethora of takers inside the classroom filled with literates.

Coming in October, the Chicago Conference on Jersey Shore Studies would evaluate the reality show like never before!

And it’s not just the content of the show that has brought the thinkers to take up the matter, and sit and scrutinize Jersey Shore; there’s more to it, and one of that factor is the reason that made us take the show with such frenzy.

Many would agree that Jersey Shore has always had the potential to draw viewers of all ages, and this is exactly why millions watch Jersey Shore online, and draw themselves into conversations such as the one about to take place inside the University of Chicago!

While I may sound excited about the examination Jersey Shore will be going through, the reality show never really needed any over-the-top exclamation to gauge my liking, or enhance it further.

Monday, 27 June 2011

Jersey Shore’s cast bids adieu to Italy!

Yea, now the South-central Europe is again a safe place to visit, as the quake on the streets is over. With Jersey Shore cast taking a hike from the place, the life in Italy has again become slow. If you’re asking why, then you must not be familiar to the show & its eminent cast.

Well, from the day the filming of the reality TV series started in Florence, every one seemed fast on the streets, to catch the Guidos and guidettes unawares! And yea, that’s what the show is, too exclusive to miss!

Anyway, as the cast was done with their Italy tour, it headed back to New Jersey to shoot for season 5 of the reality television series. That means the time when we will be relishing season 4 on our screens, the crew might be in the mid of season 5 shoot. Good for the show as well as for audiences!

August 4, 2011 will see the premiere of season 4. As the show is ready to enliven our screens quite soon, the scoop junction is full of spoilers regarding it. That means the admirers of the reality show need not to wait until the premiere to know what storm has been cooked up by the Jersey Shore episodes cast this time. 

Well, mentioning now a bit from the reports received, just a few days after the crew hit Florence. Deena escaped a tryst with fear, as she was on the verge of falling into the Arno River, owing to her loosing the footing.

Thereafter, Florence became witness to another uncalled-for happening. The crew saw a fist fight between Ronnie & Mike that led to major injuries on both ends. Something that can be blamed for all this mess that occurred in the house is the on-again off-again relationship between Sammi & Ronnie.

Well, rest can be seen on Jersey Shore online when the series strikes the television screens with its smashing season 4.

Friday, 3 June 2011

Sammi Giancola and Ronnie Ortiz-Magro Are Back On Track!

It seems like things are going pretty fine for the on again & off again couple, Sammi and Ronnie.

Well, we are not saying this, but the couple’s recent public display of affection at the streets of Florence is saying it all. The couple has switched fighting for flirting, as they were doing all the lovey-dovey things like cuddling, kissing and holding hands while filming in Italy for the famous reality series, Jersey Shore.

So, if you want to witness the rekindled romance of this amazing duo, watch Jersey Shore episodes, and see them falling in love once again. The followers of the show must have seen how the couple’s fights got physical in the last season. But now, they are treading an altogether different path. To reignite the flame of love, they couldn’t have chosen a better place than the city of love, Florence.

Well, it seems the magic of Italy has worked, and cupid has thrown his love arrows at this couple. So, all you people out there, catch the lovebirds soaked in newly-found love by getting Jersey Shore online, and enjoy!

Thursday, 26 May 2011

Jersey Shore’s Mike 'The Situation’ Sorrentino Lives Under the Fear of a Tantalizing Exposure

Even though it may sound bizarre, it’s true! Mike 'The Situation’ Sorrentino‘s father is all set to wage a war against his errant son.

The entire entertainment world is abuzz with the news that the senior Sorrentino will soon bring out a book that will include the details of all the misdeeds of his son.

But why would he do something like this? As per the reports, Mike’s father is very annoyed with his son for leaving him, when he (father) needed his help the most.

'The Situation’s’ father promises to cover all the aspects of his son’s life in the controversial book. Well, it seems that ‘The Situation’ has some challenging situations ahead to deal with.

Mike has already attained a star status, and his presence in Jersey Shore episodes has been the source of much of the cataclysm that is required to make any reality show spicy and controversial.

I am sure the news of the ongoing row between the father and son will compel the avid reality lovers to download Jersey Shore. And it’s not going to settle down so soon, thereby giving some extra mileage to the ongoing season of the reality extravaganza.

A statement on the behalf of Mike claimed that he has been seriously hurt by his father’s actions and words.
Well, I will be following this latest development, and let you know how ‘The Situation’ deals with this really real situation!