Thursday, 21 July 2011

Jersey Shore Enters The Corridors of University of Chicago!

And you thought it had nothing to teach!

Frankly, even I never thought that Jersey Shore would make its way to a University classroom, even though it boasted about American ‘changed’ society and all that. Every time I looked around myself, I’d find something that would support Jersey Shore.

There were books, DVDs, cosmetics, and other products that suggested a promotion, a sale, and they all used Jersey Shore as bait. The products are still there, going strong and making their way into every household, replacing old ones, because all of a sudden, the old ones aren’t good anymore.

Or maybe, the new version is simply more hip and trendy.

And all this while, it became a certainty that Jersey Shore episodes would make for a great learning session. The entire ‘culture thing’ that it seems to have so well adapted itself to, would find plethora of takers inside the classroom filled with literates.

Coming in October, the Chicago Conference on Jersey Shore Studies would evaluate the reality show like never before!

And it’s not just the content of the show that has brought the thinkers to take up the matter, and sit and scrutinize Jersey Shore; there’s more to it, and one of that factor is the reason that made us take the show with such frenzy.

Many would agree that Jersey Shore has always had the potential to draw viewers of all ages, and this is exactly why millions watch Jersey Shore online, and draw themselves into conversations such as the one about to take place inside the University of Chicago!

While I may sound excited about the examination Jersey Shore will be going through, the reality show never really needed any over-the-top exclamation to gauge my liking, or enhance it further.